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Best foundations for all skin types for perfect and flawless skin like celebrities

Best foundations for all skin types for perfect and flawless skin like celebrities:

The foundation cream is the basic makeup class which makes it one of the most essential make-up products. It provides full-face coverage which hides the skin’s imperfections to give you soft, flawless, and perfect skin.

If you do not prefer to put foundation cream, especially in your daily makeup, you can use BB cream or CC cream, which are characterized by their light texture on the skin with the ability to cover your skin perfectly.

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The foundation types:

1. Liquid foundation:

It has full coverage and light and helps moisturize your skin, which makes it suitable for normal, dry, and mixed skin, and for best results apply the powder face over it.

2. Powder or compact foundation :

Provides a natural coverage light and is suitable for oily skin more than others for its effective absorption of skin oils for long-lasting makeup.

3. Stick foundation :

Gives you the perfect cover for oily skin, but it is best not to use it daily so as not to cause dry skin and therefore the appearance of wrinkles.

4.Creamy Foundation:

Covers your skin with a silky layer, making it suitable for normal, dry, and mixed skin, and gives you perfect coverage.

Best daily Foundation:

The daily foundation cream covers your skin with a thin, light-toned layer that allows your skin to breathe. You can use it every day for a great flawless daily makeup look

We chose for you:

Best foundations for all skin types for perfect and flawless skin like celebrities
image source

It has a water-resistant structure that absorbs fatty secretions to provide you with full coverage that lasts all day. It can be used smoothly by putting one layer for perfect and soft coverage, a matte finish that gives you a  natural look.

  • Touche éclat Yves saint Laurent Foundation
image source

Gives you full coverage with a light texture that you will not feel, as well as its super fastness to ensure you perfect coverage for 8 hours a day.

It helps to hide the signs of tiredness and exhaustion that we had in the early morning to give you fresh and bright skin.

Daily foundation cream is one of the best foundation creams for working women or college students who spend a lot of time outside the home, giving them the perfect, light, long-lasting coverage.

Best foundation for oily skin :

Oily skin needs special types of make-up, as the fatty secretions make your makeup not last long.

So, the best foundation cream for oily skin is matt foundation because it is oil-free to 

give you a non-shiny look that lasts all day long.

we chose for you:

  •  Infallible pro matte foundation cream from L’Oréal Paris
image source

Infallible pro matte foundation cream Gives you a light, matte finish that lasts for 24 hours! It is characterized by its smooth structure, which provides you with an easy application while maintaining the non-glossy matt look, which makes it best for oily skin.

  •  Air de Teint foundation from Lancôme :
image source

It is unique in its light texture, which provides you with an ideal, light-textured cover that will make you look natural and flawless without any makeup.

We recommend that you use the face powder, whether compressed or Loose, to fix the foundation cream and ensure the absorption of skin oils.

Best foundation cream for dry skin :

Dry skin is sensitive and needs special care by moisturizing it and using suitable make-up products, such as choosing a moisturizing foundation for dry skin so as not to dry your skin and crack it, giving you an undesirable appearance.

we chose for you:

  • TRUE MATCH FOUNDATION from L’Oréal Paris :
image source

Perfect for your skin it gives you soft, flawless skin. It also has a smooth structure that makes it easy to apply to dry skin.

  • ARMANI luminous silk foundation cream :
image source

This Foundation covers your skin with a silky-looking, long-lasting look, despite all the conditions.

We recommend using a liquid or creamy foundation for dry skin while avoiding the use of silky foundation cream or powder that increases your skin’s dryness.

Best foundation cream for mixed skin :

Mixed skin contains dry areas of the face and other oily, which makes you confused about your order Do you moisturize or use Matt products?

But do not worry; there are also special makeup products suitable for mixed skin to obtain homogeneous skin with a uniform appearance and look.

we chose for you:

  • Armani Power Fabric Foundation :
image source

It contains oils that help moisturize the skin but at the same time give you the appearance of matt to cover the perfect bright perfectly suited to the mixed skin.

Best foundations for all skin types for perfect and flawless skin like celebrities
image source

It is specially designed to suit any type of skin, through its unique composition with different characteristics suitable for normal-dry or normal skin of the grease to get the perfect coverage.

Mixed skin can use facial powder on the oily areas of the face, reducing the fatty secretions.

Best foundation for acne:

  • Vichy :
Best foundations for all skin types for perfect and flawless skin like celebrities
image source

If your skin is prone to acne, we totally understand how frustrating it can be, but there’s no need for you to feel self-conscious. Vichy’s Dermablend 3D Correction offers extremely clever coverage, not only does it help to smooth skin’s uneven texture caused by blemishes and scars, but it also gives a very high dose of coverage.

There are many different types of foundation creams for different types of skin and are available in many colors to suit different skin colors as well, all you need to know is your skin type and choose the appropriate foundation cream for the perfect coverage and a flawless bright face.

I hope you like these Best foundations for all skin types for perfect and flawless skin like celebrities article.

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