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Discover the best Coconut milk hair Serum that nobody will tell you about it

Discover the best Coconut milk hair Serum that nobody will tell you about it :

Today we are talking about the OGX Coconut Serum product and offer you the experience and opinions of those who tried the product and its price as well as whether it actually prevents hair loss or not. Serums become one the most important essentials product that every lady should have, because it prevents volatilization and hair frizz, as it makes the hair shiny and silky, and there are many types of hair serums on the market, and the best type you will find is the coconut milk serum Because of the great benefits of coconut milk on hair. In this article, we will explain to you all about the OGX coconut hair serum.

Benefits Of Coconut Milk For Hair From OGX :

  • Coconut milk helps stimulate hair growth as it contains natural ingredients such as potassium, iron, and fatty acids.
  • Coconut milk helps moisturize the hair from its roots to the extremities, as it contains natural ingredients such as fat and vitamin E.
  • Coconut milk helps to clean the hair from dirt.
  • Helps moisturize the skin of the scalp, and helps to remove dead and damaged skin cells, as it prevents injury and treats dandruff.
  • Coconut milk helps nourish the hair and provides nutrients and vitamins needed for its growth.
  • It repairs hair damage and frizzy hair, and it leaves hair healthier and shinier.

The OGX coconut milk serum :

The coconut hair, coconut oil, and egg white proteins work to enhance the hair and increase its elasticity. It also helps restore health. It also works to create a protective layer around each strand of hair follicles, making hair easier in daily styling without any complications or problems.


The OGX coconut milk serum Ingredients :

Dimethicone, Cyclotrexyloxin, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Alkyl Benzoate, Coconut oil, Milk protein analyzer, Albumin, Amino acids, Shea butter, Water, Perfume.

How to use OGX coconut milk serum?

Put a small amount of OGX coconut milk serum on the palm of your hand, and rub your hands together. Put the cream evenly on the wet hair (after drying with the towel) to the ends of the hair.


If the product touches your eyes, you should immediately wash your eyes with water.

Keep it out of children.

Should be kept at a temperature above 13 ° C, if frozen it should be warmed to 16 ° C, and you should know that freezing does not affect the efficiency and effectiveness of this product.

Advantages of using the OGX coconut milk serum :

  • easy to use.
  • It does not cause dry hair.
  • It is easily absorbed by hair and scalp.
  • Suitable for all hair types.
  • It does not cause the appearance of greasy hair that appears after hair oil.
  • Nourishes hair with vitamins and minerals needed for it.
  • Contains shea butter which helps to moisturize and nourish the hair deeply.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Make the hair looks healthy and shiny.
  • It is a very good heat protector you can use it before the hairdryer.
  • It can be used on both dry and wet hair.
  • It is used safely on dyed hair, it does not affect the color.

Discover the best Coconut milk hair Serum that nobody will tell you about it

The opinions of those who have used the OGX Coconut milk serum :

  • Amazing product, I use it daily to keep my hair looking great.
  • Wonderful leaves my hair shiny, clean, and smooth.
  • I highly recommend it, it does not leave the hair greasy.
  • Excellent for dry hair.
  • Leaves my hair smooth and gorgeous, and smells sooooo goood .

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