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Stop using these different products in the winter season – 6 Beauty products should be avoided or reduced during the winter

Stop using these different products in the winter-6 Beauty products should be avoided or reduced
during the winter season:

Winter season is associated with beautiful things such as snow, warm drinks, and comfortable nights, but cold weather can sometimes hurt the skin. The low-temperature in the winter season, cold weather, and cold tissues cause skin dryness and damage, says Mississippi dermatologist Babri Sarkar. Once the protective outer layer of the skin is damaged, the skin becomes more prone to loss of hydration and infection; all of these factors lead to dry skin, irritation, and itching.

Stop using these different products in the winter season
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So what are these different products?

Here are six different products that should be reduced or changed in the winter season, according to Madi Sims, in her report published by Insider:

  • Soap :

Washing the whole body with soap may not be the best step in the bathing routine during the winter season, because it causes dry skin. She explained that there is no need to wash the whole body with soap, instead focus on areas that need cleaning such as sensitive areas and underarms. For the best results, you can use this olay whip body wash that cleans your body and keeps it hydrated soft and smells so good.

  • Toner that contains alcohol: 

Toner is one of the best skincare products that can control and maintain the balance of skin oils, but Sarkar explained that many types of toners contain alcohol that causes severe dryness of the skin, so avoid toner that contains a large percentage of alcohol.

  • Mud masks :

When the weather changes, you should change your skincare routine, especially when it comes to facial masks. In the winter, people tend to use the same masks they used to apply to their skin, Sarkar said. But people with dry skin should reduce the frequency of use of mud masks as they may increase the severity of the drought. 

  • Facial soap :

Sarkar pointed out that it is better to stop cleaning the face with soap daily during winter because the pH in the soap is usually too high and causes dehydration. Instead, Sarkar recommends the use of light-skin lotion and skin cleansing oils by massaging the product on a dry face and then rinsing the cleanser, to eliminate dirt and makeup.

  • Peeling skin :

Sarkar stressed that peeling is usually a good routine, but the use of peeling products during the winter season may damage the outer layer of the skin and therefore should not be overused.
People need to reduce the number of peeling products used during the winter season to prevent dry skin. 

  • Products with strong perfumes and essential oils :

Some people prefer detergents and fragrant moisturizers, but these products may cause some skin problems when the temperature is low. “It is common for dry skin to be irritated when exposed to any kind of product that we are used to because it contains essential oils and perfumes. Sarkar advises using these products with caution and to check their components before purchasing them.

Additional tips to take care of your skin in the winter  :

  • Moisturize frequently and consistently: The need to moisturize your skin when it’s dry may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important that you know how to moisturize effectively.
  • Change your products. You may need to change the products you use, according to changes in your skin or the time of year.
  • Choose the right cleansers. Be careful when choosing a facial or body cleanser, as some cleansers can strip moisture from the skin.
  • Moisturize when your skin is damp. Moisturizing when your skin is still slightly wet helps to seal in more hydration. After you wash your face, pat off the excess moisture with a towel before applying your moisturizer.
  • You can add serum after serum and creams on top of each other, but the scary truth is dry skin will stay dry without some exfoliation. For those with severely raw or dry skin, skip the exfoliator and incorporate a wet washcloth instead for a gentler option.

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