2020 valentines day gifts ideas diy
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Nothing like giving a handmade Valentine’s Day gift.
Discover our 10 DIY Valentine’s Day ideas to make yourself and
give as gifts!

1.    Wax hearts:

 image source:MarthaStewart.com

Hang these translucent hearts on a window to let the February sun pass
and illuminate your room. These wax and paper hearts are very easily made by
melting coloring pencils on waxed paper, using an iron. Then, we cut the

2.    Original card:

image source: juliapalosini.com

The greeting cards with textures and dimensions are always original. Let
your artistic talents go!

3    Hearts to sow:

 image source: Maude Dupuis

A perfect idea for botanical lovers. Offer paper hearts imprinted with
seeds to sow. once underground in the spring, your heart will turn into pretty
colorful flowers.

4.    Decorated stones:

image source:lafeecaseine.com

A cute idea (to do with children why not). Choose a classic color like
gold or pink for Valentine’s Day.

5.    Mason jars filled with sweets :

image source: Positively Splendid

A different way to offer little treats to those we love. We collect
Mason jars and drop candies in Valentine’s Day colors. We then decorate the
pots with ribbons, fabric, and colored bows.

6.    Fortune paper cookies: 

image source: Club Chica Circle

We make shiny paper Chinese cookies topped with little love messages. A
superb idea for a family dinner with our loved ones!

7.    Pompom heart:

image source: liagriffith.com

Kids will love this idea that they can wear all day. Give them a small
garland with a woolen heart.
       8.    Scratch card:

       image source:  Better Homes and Garden

Another very original DIY greeting card model: a scratch card to know if
the loved one is lucky in love. Will it be a winner? The scratching part is
made of acrylic paint.
    9.    A bottle in the sea

image source: apumpkinandaprincess.com
This is the principle of the message in the sea bottle. Write a
beautiful message on a sheet, which you will roll up and slip into a nicely
decorated glass bottle. Then give it to your loved one. A romantic way to offer
a love letter!

      10.     3D heart:

     image source: duitang.com
A very easy card to make, to give as a gift to your geeky valentine.

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