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5 Reasons that trigger hair loss problem:

Air loss is one
of the growing problems that affect personality. Both men and women are facing
this issue due to multiple reasons. According to the general research human
usually lose 50 to 100 hairs regularly, but if it exceeds that ratio indicates
a problem. The best solution to avoid such a scenario is to consult the health
care consultant and use proper remedies.
Before going to
any solution to the conclusion it is important to understand the reasons for
hair loss. Most probably it can be due to hormonal changes, genetic disorder, and
atmosphere influence any other problem. Furthermore, the internal and external
factors can influence and be a reason to trigger hair loss. Here are some
common reasons that can prompt the issue:

  •       Hormonal changes:

changes and imbalance hormones level lead towards different health issue, hair
loss is one of them. Two hormones including estrogen in females and androgen in
males are responsible for healthy hair growth. If due to any issue the body
fails to maintain the required hormonal level it affects the hair growth and
leads the damage and rapid hair loss. Excessive or limited production of these
hormones is not good for the human body at all.
  •      Nutritional deficiency

Nutrients and
Vitamin deficiencies are another important reason behind hair loss. If a body
does not have enough level of iron, minerals, and nutrients then hair can’t
grow well. Multiple factors like poor diet, improper food choice, or
irregular meal time can lead to a deficiency of nutrients.

  •       Stress &

It is an obvious reason that stress or unwanted depression causes trouble with health.
It can affect hair growth, cognitive functions, and much more. Multiple factors
trigger the stress hormones like excessive workload, improper sleep, life
hazards, and improper diet. A person who is dealing with the stress may
experience the scalp issues like dandruff, dull hairs, and hair loss as
  •       Weight loss :

Dieting and the weight-loss trend is common among people. They try multiple diet plans and
meal routines to get the fastest weight loss results, but excessive of
everything is bad. Due to sudden weight loss can affect hair growth and health.
For a healthy lifestyle, a person needs to have a balanced routine including
eating, sleeping, and exercise. It is important to avoid the abrupt diet plan
to avoid hair loss and should focus on healthy eating habits and a balanced
  •         Lack of vitamin B12:

The deficiency
of vitamin B12 is another reason that triggers hair loss and affects overall
scalp health. It is responsible for the effective blood supply and helps to
maintain the oxygen level in the body. But with the lack of vitamin B12 affects
the supply of red blood cells that weaken the hair roots and trigger hair loss.
Natural remedy to treat hair loss :
You can find
multiple treatments that can stop the hair loss or trigger the growth. Instead
of going for expensive treatment and painful surgeries, it is better to take a
natural way to treat hair loss problems.
Here is the natural
that helps to treat hair loss effectively:
In a bowl take
2 to 3 tablespoon almond oil and vitamin E capsule and mix them
well to make a good blend. You can choose the amount of almond oil according to
the hair length. Apply the mixture on the scalp gently and massage in a
circular motion for 5 minutes, and leave over the night. Next morning wash hair
with lukewarm water. Use this twice a week for better results.

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and fatty acid that help with
hair growth. More, it will keep the scalp moisture and nourish to avoid dandruff
and hair damage.
hair loss remedy at home
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Vitamin E is effective to use in hair loss, it acts as an antioxidant and
reduces the stress level to stop hair damage and loss. 

hair loss remedy at home
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