When it comes to looking younger, well that’s why we have such a large
makeup industry.

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Everywhere, people use make-up to hide their apparent flaws and
feel more confident. The true masters of form are make-up artists, and they can
achieve incredible looks, both conceptual and practical, to the delight of

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One make-up artist, in particular, is known for his exceptional transformations,
and all without Photoshop.

Anar Agakishiev is a makeup artist of Azerbaijan. His work focuses on the transformation of
women of all ages.

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The results are so smooth that they seem practically photoshopped, but
it’s a matter of skill.

Her work with middle-aged and older women who are not
“typical” models are particularly impressive.

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Everyone deserves to feel beautiful in a way that makes them happy, and Agakishiev brings this to his clients every day.

He has a particular knack for masking wrinkles and creases using strands and shadows.

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If you want to see more of these amazing before-and-after photos, check out his
Instagram, where there are dozens of other transformations.

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Wow! If only I could incorporate this incredible level into my beauty routine. I’ll
definitely follow him for some advice!


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