12 Beauty tips you need to know

There are so many beauty tips and tricks these days. Sometimes though, there are just a few random tips that don’t have a “home” as such, so I thought I would gather some of my best beauty hacks in one place. I must warn you, many of them are life-changing!

So let’s start with these 12 beauty tips you need to know…

1-Make the perfume last longer: by first applying Vaseline to your pulse points (behind your ears, neck, wrists, and the back of your elbows). Then spray your perfume on and enjoy a longer-lasting scent! If you have a solid version of your favorite scent, use it instead – it’s a real bonus!

2 Apply foundation or concealer to your lips before using lipstick. It acts as a primer and gives you richer color. If you smile when you apply, you can get all the cracks in your lips that will then be smoothed out after the lipstick is applied. I have these horrible brown marks on my lips that I hate, and I always use concealer on my lips to cover them up before applying lipstick.

3 Speaking of lipstick, it’s so easy to put lipstick on your teeth, especially with shiny shades. After applying lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and remove it to pick up any excess (very unattractive, I know, but it’s better than being photographed with lipstick on your teeth).

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4 To fix your lipstick or for a matte lip, after applying lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and lightly sprinkle the translucent powder on the tissue. I also like to apply a coat of lipstick, press on a tissue, and then apply a second coat to really lock in the color. I’ve been using this trick for years
and everyone knows me by my lipstick-printed fabrics that I leave behind!

5 Always try exfoliating your legs before shaving to get those little hairs out of their follicles. You’ll end up shaving less and getting a much smoother finish.


 6 While we’re on the subject of shaving your legs if you get a nick or two every now and then. Stop the bleeding and promote healing by applying a clear lip balm or Vaseline. This tip will work for men who cut themselves too!

7 If you’ve ever managed to finish a bottle of nail polish (well done, that’s quite a feat) or if you throw away a nail polish that is more likely to keep the brush. Keep it handy and soak it in nail polish remover to get the perfect manicure.

8 As we are talking about nails, if you have a last-minute broken nail, or chipped nail polish, or if you find that your nails are completely in conflict with your outfit. Easily keep a set of XpressOn nails in your bag, you can apply them in seconds and look like you just came straight from the nail salon!

9 Cover dark circles by applying an inverted triangle corrector, it now comes to me as second nature and I almost had the impression that it wasn’t a beauty hack, but it really is!

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10 If you have a date, a meeting, or an important event and you want your makeup to look perfect, make sure you check your makeup when you get in your car. The lighting is completely natural and you will see that you look flawless, have you noticed how many car selfies are on Instagram??

11 If you are looking for that sunny or even wintery skin look, add a drop of oil to your foundation. Just a drop because a little goes a long way with any oil, but you’ll see what a difference it makes.

12 I think this must be my favorite and most recent tip! If your concealer wrinkles the way you have to bake it, that’s right, bake it. Start with your triangle upside down as mentioned in point 9, then immediately get a beauty blender or brush (but it works much better with a sponge) and apply loose powder on top. At first, this will seem a bit overdone, but after five minutes you can sweep off the excess powder with a soft brush and after that, trust me, your concealer won’t wrinkle. 

 Source: https://www.secretstylefile.com/12-beauty-hacks/

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