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5 Tips to feel good in your shoes in autumn/winter

In autumn and winter, boots and ankle boots are put in the spotlight. Our number one objective is then to protect our feet from the cold. Nevertheless, locked up all day long, they can face many worries. Between the discomfort and the slippery soles, there is indeed something to take its boots in influenza. And let’s not even talk about the perspiration that macerates in them and leaves indescribable odors. So, to be well in your shoes, here are the 5 Tips to feel good in your shoes in autumn/winter!

1) When the shoes slip a little too much

5 Tips to feel good in your shoes in autumn/winter
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Between the dead leaves on the ground and the sheets of ice, our shoes are improvising themselves as ice skates! To avoid it, cut a potato in half and rub the flesh on the sole. This way, you will deposit starch on it and it will prevent slipping. For a longer-lasting result, also remember to scratch them with sandpaper to give them back their grip.

2) Against humidity inside the shoes

If your soles start to come off, the first step will obviously be to repair them. Otherwise, they will not be able to remain impermeable to rainwater and snow even with all the waterproofing sprays in the world. The quality of the special glue used to glue them back together should not be skimpy, as the quality of the repair depends on it. Preferably, apply to both surfaces to be glued and leave on for at least one hour. And if snow has managed to infiltrate, use newspaper to absorb the humidity.

3) For uncomfortable pairs

If your new shoes are stiff and hurt your feet, soften them over a pot of boiling water. After a
few minutes, they will become more comfortable. You can also soften leather by rubbing it regularly with turpentine. You will only have to polish it with glycerine to make it more pleasant. For rubber boots that have lost their suppleness, you can maintain them with egg whites or glycerine water.


 4) Make their varnish shine :

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Varnished shoes can become dull with wear and time. To avoid this, polish your shoes with lemon
juice, milk, or window cleaner.
Shine guaranteed! 

5) When you have chosen a model too small :

If being cramped in your ballerinas is already unpleasant, being in your boots or booties is even more so! So if your pairs are too tight, put on a big pair of socks and the shoes in question. Then soften them by blowing for a few moments on the areas that make you suffer with the hairdryer. Otherwise, put a freezer bag filled with water in it and freeze it. The bag will swell and slightly enlarge the shoes!

I hope these 5 Tips to feel good in your shoes in autumn/winter will help you, and don’t miss our article about these 10 essential tricks to keep your sweater in a good condition.


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