¬†Every woman wants to be the most attractive. Some focus on their natural beauty, while others spend a lot of time in the bathroom to arrive at work in their best image. If you’re one of these women, you should take advantage of this time to get more sleep. In addition, using a multitude of cosmetic products is not very helpful in keeping you looking young and fresh. It may seem surprising, but it is not necessary to spend hours in front of the mirror. You simply need to opt for a healthy and fresh routine. Today in this article we will provide 11 Ways to use less makeup while looking fresh and gorgeous.

At fashionistaplanet, we have found several alternatives to use less makeup, while staying beautiful. Choose the ones that suit you best.

11 Ways to use less makeup while looking fresh and gorgeous :

1. Give yourself a light facial massage with cream:

Before applying makeup, perform a light facial massage using your usual cream. Pass through all the massage lines, from the center of the face to the extremities. This will allow the skin to ‘wake up and look fresher. However, you should use fewer cosmetics to get a radiant face.

2. Keep the eye cream in the refrigerator:

Some female television presenters use this technique. Eye contour cream, straight from the refrigerator, will help combat the effects of sleep deprivation: dark circles and puffiness.

3. Apply the foundation with a damp sponge:

To make your skin look smooth and even, but without letting it show that you are wearing a kilo of makeup, use this method:

  • Moisten the sponge with a tonic or thermal water.
  • Apply the product with the sponge to the T-zone.
  • Spread the foundation to the peripheral areas of the face.

The excess will be absorbed by the sponge and on the face, you will have the necessary amount of product. This will also help to fill the pores and irregularities present on the surface of the skin.

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4. Fill the space between the lashes with a pencil:

Draw a line with a black pencil directly at the root of the upper lashes, insisting on the space between them. It is necessary to fill in the area between the lashes, neither higher nor lower.

To do this, you must look down, positioning the mirror under the face.

Draw short lines, not continuous lines. You can find more details about this eyelash filling technique on this beauty blog.

This line will allow your gaze to ‘open’ and make it more expressive while making the lashes visually longer. If your lashes are dark by nature, you can even do without mascara.

5. Apply blush to the eyelids:

If you need to freshen up your face quickly and you only have mascara and blush, don’t panic: it will be enough.

When you apply the pink or peach blush to the cheekbones, run the brush over the eyelids and the area below the eyebrows: your eyes will be more open and bring a little freshness. And eye shadows are not necessary.

6. Use tinted eyebrow gel:

A tinted eyebrow gel will make your eyebrows more visible and more natural than if you redraw them with a pencil.

Of course, this method only works if you pluck your eyebrows regularly.

So, if you’ve woken up late or don’t want to go to work with a lot of makeup on, simply apply eyebrow makeup. It will take 2 minutes, but you’ll find that with makeup on, your face will look more expressive.

7. Replace concealer with a concealer :

The corrector and the anti-dark circle allow for masking the imperfections of the skin. However, they are two products that have some differences. The concealer is a lighter product, with a fluid texture, which can be applied to large areas.

Apply the anti-dark circles on the areas where the light is reflected: under the eyebrows, around the eyes, and on Cupid’s bow.

You’ll look rested and the product used will look much more natural.

8. Use a brightly colored pencil :

To make eye color more intense, draw a line along the base of the lashes with a brightly colored pencil.

Choose a color that is not the same as your eyes, but that creates a contrast. For example, people with green eyes can use orange, those with blue eyes can use gold, and for gray eyes, a blue or turquoise pencil. Brown-eyed beauties should choose gold or metallic color.

9. Apply the concealer to the lips :

If you are not a fan of brightly colored lipsticks or glitter, but you want to have voluminous and expressive lips, you can try this method:

  • Apply concealer to the lip contour and blend it in.
  • Cover your lips with a transparent gloss.

10. Don’t forget the flashy lipstick:

This technique works the same way as with eyebrows. If your time is limited or you don’t want to use a lot of cosmetics, opt for flashy lipstick. The uniform color of the face, with a touch of color on the lips, will enhance your face and mouth.

11. Use an eyelash primer :

A primer or base for lashes is a product that can be applied alone or underneath mascara. It has care properties, allows to slightly lengthen the lashes, and increases the effect of the mascara. With a base under the mascara, the lashes will appear longer, and more voluminous, but at the same time without clumping or sticking together.

The base can be used independently, especially if it is not transparent but black. In addition, you can do without the strict rules at the office about using cosmetics, creating a nude look, and making your eyes more expressive.11 Ways to use less makeup while looking fresh and gorgeous!

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