A simple technique to repair a small hole in a piece of clothing

A simple technique to repair a small hole in a piece of clothing :

A lower quality fabric that didn’t resist the first machine wash or a clumsy gesture and now your favorite t-shirt or sweater ends up with a nasty little hole. Even if it’s not very big, that’s all you can see and it’s out of the question for you to put it back as if nothing had happened… neglected effect guaranteed! You wouldn’t want to give up wearing this garment that you didn’t have time to appreciate enough, so there’s no question of making rags or a tawashi-type sponge out of it for the moment. Sometimes, it is possible to sew without being visible or to hide the misery with some tricks (patch, lace…), but if it is a tiny hole of 5 mm or less, you can certainly test this technique that will save your garment.

A simple technique to repair a small hole in a piece of clothing

What it takes :

Iron-on interlining

A spray bottle filled with water

A clean, smooth fabric

Some embroidery stabilizer paper

Ironing kit: ironing board and iron

The steps :

1) Turn the garment over and place it on the board with the hole centered for easy access. Iron the area carefully to remove any creases and allow it to cool. With your fingers, try to join the protruding fibers together to fill in the hole a little.


2) Cut out a small piece of iron-on tape and place it over the hole. Cover with stabilizer.


3) Heat the iron on the special wool setting. While it’s heating, put a cloth over the garment after spraying water on it.

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4) Gently place the iron 10 seconds on top without moving or pressing it. Gently remove it.


5) Remove the fabric and turn the garment inside out. If necessary, manipulate the fabric a little with your fingers to better smooth and bind the fibers and iron again for about 10 seconds.

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