Go for curtained bangs, the trendy haircut for spring and summer

Go for curtained bangs, the trendy haircut for spring and summer

The bangs have never been trendy this year 2021 and even more the curtain bangs, so popular with stars from Monica Bellucci to Charlotte Casiraghi. All the tips to succumb to it.

Among the trendy hairstyles of the season, curtain bangs is a must-have. It returns in force and that falls well, it lengthens the round faces, camouflages the small defects, softens the square faces, and brings style. Like stars like Monica Bellucci who made it her youthful asset or Caroline de Maigret, the curtained bangs are the most stylish hairstyle of this spring/summer. The proof, even the very elegant Charlotte Casiraghi opted for it.

Easy to style no matter what hair type or face shape you have, curtain bangs are one of the easiest bangs for everyone to wear. So, while the hair salons are still open, take advantage of this opportunity to book an appointment and succumb to it. So we give you all the good reasons to fall for it!

What are curtained bangs?

Why this strange name? Simply because curtain bangs consist of two strands swept over each side of the face… like a curtain! Technically, it should be cut slightly shorter between the eyebrows and be a little rounded at the temples. If it makes a comeback this fall or winter, it is not a new trend. As early as the ’70s, Brigitte Bardot popularized this fringe, which was very quickly adopted and copied. On the other side of the Atlantic, it was Farah Fawcett who democratized this hairstyle. Today, several celebrities have made their trademark like Monica Bellucci, even though she changed her head this fall. Among them, are Alexa Chung, Zooey Deschanel, Caroline De Maigret, or Georgia May Jagger – who looks strangely like Brigitte Bardot young. Even Caroline Receveur has adopted it for a while.

The curtained bangs for which types of hair?

Straight hair, as well as curly or wavy hair, can adopt.

Retro curtain bangs are quite adaptable, but very curly hair will have a hard time getting a perfect result. In terms of density, thick or medium hair is ideal. In the case of fine hair, it is enough to work the matter and to bring the volume. Finally, it suits all morphologies and softens even the angles of square faces.

The advantages of curtain bangs :

In addition to bringing a bit of softness if you have pronounced jaws, it also breaks the roundness of a round face or rebalances the foreheads “too” present. The curtain fringe enhances young faces but also perfectly accompanies older faces since it softens marked features, emphasizes the looks, and camouflages wrinkles (forehead, crow’s feet…). Less constraining than a straight fringe, it requires less maintenance and fewer hair appointments!

How to wear curtain bangs?

The trend is to wear them smooth and thick, or even slightly curved. It is perfect on a false short and a bohemian bun, a ponytail, or a braid. On long or medium-length hair, it brings structure and accessorizes the lengths.

Who can wear curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs have the advantage of softening square faces because they surround the face and break up angular features. But it also goes very well to round faces that it lengthens a little, provided that it stops just at the level of the eyebrows and is a little tapered.

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