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you get to that time of the year when you have to take out your sweaters, there
are often two types of reactions. On the one hand, there are those who are sad
that the summer ends and takes with it the mild temperatures. On the other
hand, there are those who love autumn and all that it symbolizes: the return of
gourmet hot drinks, colorful landscapes, cuddly blankets, and of course being
able to put on your favorite soft sweater!

Moreover, its last ones are always a real
pleasure to find again, but also sometimes a wound to be maintained. Indeed,
these cozy clothes quickly become covered with fluff and threaten to warp. So
here are our best tips to make wearing sweaters synonymous with happiness.
What’s more, you’ll make sure your clothes last… a godsend when you know
they’re not cheap!


1) Use the right tools to remove the
pilling on your sweaters:

Ahh… removing these pebbles is both a
source of relaxation and irritation! By the way, we’ve already given you a few
tips on how to remove lint from clothes. The best ones, in our opinion, are the
velcro strip and the pumice stone for an efficient and gentle result.


2) For faster drying:

Without a tumble dryer, it feels like you
have to wait an eternity or two before all traces of moisture have disappeared
from the fabric! This is even more true when washing by hand and spinning
leaves something to be desired. So, to remove excess water without damaging the
most delicate fabrics here is an unusual trick. Slip your sweater into a
rotating salad spinner and give your garment a few turns.

3) Fight odors on a sweater:

It will not have escaped you: they are
nests of smells! They quickly smell musty or sweaty. Whatever the smell, you
can fight it with a simple spray bottle filled with vodka! Alcohol will kill
the bacteria that cause bad smells. Nevertheless, we advise you to test the
trick on a corner of the garment to make sure it is not damaged and then let it
dry well.

4) To give shape to a shrunken sweater:

It can often happen that a garment shrinks
over time. In the case of sweaters, we have suggested in the past to use
conditioner, glycerin, or a steamer. Also, there is a well-known method with
baby shampoo. In general, it is recommended to dilute a little in water to
soften the fibers. Then remove as much water as possible and lay it flat on a
towel. Finally, pull it out to make it slightly larger. You can pull it several
times while it dries. Otherwise, you can use heavy objects to keep them in a
slightly stretched position.

5) To prevent your sweater from shedding

Buy the little angora sweater you saw in
the window? It was THE bad idea that now leaves hairs all over you and your
home! Luckily, it’s not irreversible. Put the sweater in a well-sealed freezer
bag. After three or four hours, the difference will be noticeable. What’s more,
freezing can also help remove any moths and their larvae.

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6) To make the sweaters puffy again:

Fluffy when purchased, they gorge
themselves with products and lose density. However, there is an easy way to give
them back their pretty puffy look of yesteryear! To do so, take white vinegar
with you. Simply add it to the rinsing water when you clean your sweater to
make it as good as new.

7) Chase away the textile moths that
love your sweaters:

It may seem difficult to get rid of them,
but a few habits and tricks can help. For example, opt for dried herbs and
leaves trapped in a thin cloth. You can also use the sleeve of an old sweater:
cut off part of it, sew an opening, trim and sew the remaining side. Here you
have a choice of weapons: lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme, laurel to
which you can add cloves and lemon. Choose only one or mix and match to garnish
your drawers!

8) On sleeves that have widened:

Our movements can weigh on the fibers and
they end up being deformed. To combat this expansion, use a hairdryer or steam
iron. With heat, the fabric shrinks a little. Hot water can also be used in the
same way. Just be careful not to burn your sweater which would then be

9) In the closet, adopt the right
gestures :

Some use hangers that can mark the
shoulders and deform them a little. Others bend them, which can also deform and
leave folds. Whether you do one or the other, here are the best ways to


The right
positioning on a hanger :

The right
anti-wrinkle bending :

 10) The trick of the spindle :

If your sweater is too wide or doesn’t
mark the size enough, here’s for you! Clip a pin on the back to tighten the
fabric elegantly.


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