Whether we’re talking about an angora cardigan, a mohair wool sweater,
your merino knit sweater, or a simple cashmere sweater, nothing is spared by
pilling! After the few minutes where removing large pills by hand is fun and
particularly relaxing, the pills can quickly become very irritating. And
besides, you don’t want to ruin your cardigans, scarves, woolen coats, socks,
and thick woolen sweaters by tearing off those little balls that stick out.
Yet, they give clothes a more dated and worn look than one would like. So, out
of the question to leave them on the new sweater we bought or the coat we had
fallen for in-store!


They often appear
over time or when garments with different fibers are improperly sorted together
before going through the washing machine. But whatever the reasons: we don’t
want it! And since it is cold, going out without a sweater is out of the
question … Here’s how to get rid of it.


1) One of those
good old curlers can remove pills. Just rub and roll.

Credit: A Thrifty Mrs

2) If you have a
Velcro strip handy, you can use it for this on woolen fabric.

Neckline, long
sleeves, hood… all the fiber of your wool and cashmere clothes go through it
for an impeccable result!

Credits: Alexander Klink / Wikipédia

3) Rub the pills
with sandpaper (without going too hard on delicate clothes).
 The sweater will
be like new.

Credit: Pixnio

4) A small blow of
pumice stone will overcome these ugly pills.

Choose a good
quality stone that will not crumble.


Credit: Kos/Wikipedia

 5) A small pass of
the razor will remove anything that sticks out.

Be careful not to
do it on a delicate garment without taking your time!

Credit:: kropekk_pl / Pixabay

6) Do you really
have anything on hand? Test the scratchy side of a sponge and watch the pills


Credit: Wikimedia commons

7) A comb will be
enough to remove large pills.

Credit: wikihow


Some tips to avoid
the reappearance of pilling:

Wash clothes that
are pilling upside down and choose a gentler wash cycle.

Prefer a liquid
detergent that will not rub the fibers.

Choose air drying
rather than tumble drying.

For your next
purchases prefer tight stitches that are less likely to pilling.


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