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Seasonal hair loss: causes and 5 tips to reduce it

With each change of season, we dread the famous seasonal hair loss! Indeed, we all lose hair daily, but this phenomenon intensifies with the arrival of spring. In the fall, too, hair can make its own and fall at the same rate as the leaves on trees. Of course, this loss can seem impressive and damages our hair mass. Nevertheless, losing two or three times as much hair as usual (a few hundred hairs) is nothing compared to the 100,000 to 150,000 that make up the average head of hair. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to limit losses!

How do you explain this seasonal hair loss?

Summer and the sun give a boost to the hormones linked to hair growth. Since their production is increased, the hair grows well during the months when the sun’s rays are out, but the back-to-school season is tough! Indeed, climate variations play a big role. In addition, the periods before the vacations are often tiring for the body and can lead to drastic diets that play on the life cycle of the hair follicles. In fact, they alternate phases of growth, rest, and fall. However, disruptions can precipitate hair loss, which will occur a few weeks later. At the end of the life cycle, hair falls more abundantly at the arrival of autumn. Luckily, this lasts a few weeks and then everything returns to normal.

What are the solutions to seasonal hair loss?

Seasonal hair loss: causes and 5 tips to reduce it

1) Take good care of your hair :

Prevention is a good way to avoid having to manage too much seasonal hair loss. To do so, we advise you to protect your hair on a daily basis with a hat or a cap. Moreover, while brushing with a good quality brush is an important gesture, it should not be excessive or violent! The best method is to start by brushing the ends and then gradually moving up towards the scalp. This will remove small knots without creating larger ones.


2) Relaxing with scalp massages :


Seasonal hair loss: causes and 5 tips to reduce it

We talk about it in every article that deals with hair, but it’s important! Massaging the scalp long and slowly stimulates and promotes blood circulation. A well cared for and pampered scalp is a healthy scalp with beautiful, strong hair that will grow back well. Massages can be done during shampooing or treatments, but also at any time.


3) We don’t wash just any way :

First, avoid hot water, which is too aggressive for the scalp, and prefer lukewarm or cool water. The latter activates blood circulation. And then if you are cold, you can use it only for the last rinse. Also, don’t be afraid to wash them a little more regularly even if you lose a few hairs in the process (they were already dead and would have fallen out anyway). This is the best way to remove grease, pollution, and dead hair. Also, now is the time to rely on a good natural anti-hair loss lotion. In addition, you can add one or two drops of essential oil to your care. This will strengthen the scalp and stop hair loss (rosemary, ginger, or Bay St Thomas).


4) Take care of your diet :



All our tips are to be applied in the long term for strong hair. Nevertheless, a good diet is the most crucial point against the arrival of seasonal hair loss. A healthy and varied diet acts positively on the bulb by strengthening it. Thus, the whole hair becomes stronger and healthier! To do this, do not skimp on organic fruit, proteins (fish, egg yolks, lentils, meat, oilseeds …), vitamin B (liver, fatty fish, white meat, soybeans, mushrooms, wheat germ …), and iron which plays on the oxygenation of the bulb (blood sausage, parsley, cocoa …). Beware, tea limits the absorption of iron while vitamin C multiplies its effects. In fact, adapt your menus so as not to ruin your efforts!

5) Test food supplements :

When you suffer major falls, it’s a good way to prevent damage! Nevertheless, do not hesitate to take a step ahead, because the effects are felt over the weeks on the hair bulb. To do this, it is possible to start in mid-August for example. But you can also start later because it never hurts! Of course, there is the famous brewer’s yeast that acts on the hair, hair, and nails. However, this is not the only option in local supplements and treatments. Indeed, there is also cinchona extract (oxygenation and transit of nutrients), amino acids (good for keratin), or organic silicon (or G5 to prevent and cure falls).

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