Friday, January 27

15 secret tips for gorgeous eyelashes

15 secret tips for gorgeous eyelashes :

Consuming vitamin E and biotin facilitates the growth of eyelashes and hair in general…

Even if you use mascara of the highest quality, it still contains chemical components. Take a break from the make-up of your eyelashes at least once or twice a week. This will facilitate their natural renewal.

The secrets of eyelash Makeup:

  • Wipe the excess mascara from the brush on a tissue – this will help avoid lumps.
  • Put your mascara tube in a glass of hot water so that the product warms up and becomes homogeneous. It will also break lumps.
  • Dip a dessert spoon in hot water, let it dry, and use it while applying mascara as shown in the photo. You won’t stain your eyelids with mascara.


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